Why have a website?

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Purpose of the website

What is the purpose of a website? I have been fortunate to work with many different clients in a wide range of industries. A question I am often asked by potential clients submitting a site or a tender for the
website design
is “Have you ever done a website in the XYZ industry”?

Often yes, but even if not, it doesn’t matter. Here’s why.

What is a website?

An internet site is not really about the item you sell or the information you present.

It’s not about you or your company either.

A website is about your prospect and his needs. It is about communicating in a clear, specific and convincing way to meet their needs.

Create a website for your company

This is how I design a website. There is a specific person with a specific problem who is looking to fill a specific need.

It comes from somewhere (be it Google, Linkedin, a recommendation, etc.) and it is looking for something (trying to solve a certain problem). Finally, there is a next step they want to take (solve the problem they have, gather more information, evaluate different options, etc.).

Here is the challenge to take up when redesigning a website.

First, you must recognize that there is more than one type of person who comes to the site. Second, each person has different needs and seeks to solve different problems.

The objective is to identify the different types of users who visit your site. Then identify what specific problems they are trying to solve.

Finally, make sure that each user’s needs are clearly displayed in a visually appealing way (people don’t like to read these days).

Design of a company website

My website has three main types of visitors:

  • Head of Marketing – Here’s one type of person I get quite often. They have just started working at a new company and are now in charge of marketing. They usually hate the company’s existing website and recommend a website redesign, which ends up being their first project. That’s when they contacted me. Their concerns are to ensure that the site can generate traffic, increase leads and is mobile friendly.
  • Website Administrator – Another type of user we encounter is the actual administrator of a company’s website. They usually can’t stand working with outdated website technology. Or they are tearing their hair out because they have to pay their current design company a high hourly rate just to make simple changes to the site. These users need a site that is easy to update and modify without having to know the code.
  • Business owner – The last main type of user to visit our site is the business owner himself. The owner’s concerns can range from the cost of a professional design to the impact of a new website on future sales and revenue generation.

As you can see, each user’s needs are very different from the others, the challenge being to ensure that they are all taken into account in the design of the site.

Let’s go back to the new prospect working in the XYZ sector who asks us if we have already made a site for this sector. Here’s why it doesn’t matter.

How to create a website for your company?

The truth is, as a design firm, we will never know as much about a client’s business as the client does.

The good news is that we don’t have to.

Instead, we work with our clients to identify the main types of users who visit the site, clarify their needs, and ensure that the structure and design of the site meets those needs.

You may be asking, “I thought you were a “web designer”, but you haven’t talked much about design. Why?”

You may be familiar with the adage “Form follows function”.

Well, when it comes to website design, “design follows content structure”.

Design is just a way to facilitate consumption and interaction with the content.

Whether you need help designing a technology website or a construction website, it’s the same process.

The content is there to meet the needs of the visitor and especially…

Encourage the visitor to act!

This is the real purpose of a site: to bring a visitor, a stranger, someone who does not know you or your company to the next step.

We work with many companies in the service industry, and the action we want visitors to take is usually to fill out a contact form. Getting the visitor to contact you is the goal of the game. Otherwise, what’s the point of having a beautiful site if it doesn’t generate new business for you?

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