What is WordPress?

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If you’re considering a new website and keep hearing about WordPress sites, but aren’t sure what they are, we can help. First, let’s look at the question “what is WordPress” and then see what WordPress can do for you.

Originally, WordPress was an open source (free) blogging platform. It is also a content management system or CMS.

A CMS is a software that allows you to manage the different pages of your site. Before you had a CMS, if you wanted to update your site, you had to edit individual HTML pages on your FTP server.

To make a long story short, WordPress offers a free and powerful way to manage the content of your website.

Before continuing, I suggest you to consult our page concerning the creation of websites

Isn't WordPress just for blogs?

Yes, it is true that WordPress started as a blogging platform, BUT today a lot of important websites use WordPress for their regular non-blogging websites.

How much does WordPress cost?

This is the most interesting part. Since WordPress is open source, it is completely free. You don’t have to pay anything to install or maintain the software. Also, as one of the most popular open source platforms, it is kept up to date with all the latest improvements and upgrades to WordPress that don’t cost a dime.

Don't all WordPress sites look the same?

It is possible, but not required. The bottom line is that most sites these days have a header section, a navigation section, a main content area, a sidebar and a footer. The way you style all these elements can make the difference between a generic looking WordPress site and an original and elegant CMS site.

How is a WordPress site different from a "real website"?

Many people don’t realize that a WordPress site is just a series of HTML pages, styled with CSS. This is exactly what most websites are made of. The only thing that differentiates WordPress from a site you would build with Dreamweaver is that it uses PHP (a programming language) to dynamically manage the website pages.

What is WordPress?

The fact is that most large companies use WordPress to drive their sites. It is possible to customize a WordPress site to fit any design in a simple and inexpensive way. So, what is WordPress? That’s pretty much all you want it to be.

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